Monday, 20 September 2010

NCT Sale!

I do love a bargain. I must have gotten that particular trait from my Momma! Well we hit the Nearly New Sale with a few things in mind. Didn't get any of those things, but o well. We were initially looking for some cloth diapers (which, we talked to a woman volunteering at the sale and she said generally you don't find them there) and a jumperoo. I think we may end up buying our own because all the ones we saw either had stains on them or looked pretty banged up. But some of the GREAT stuff we found:

-Cath Kidston cowboy blanket. These usually retail for £15 and I got it for £3!!!
- Dr. Sears Fussy Baby Book. Retails for £10 got it £4. (Oz isn't a fussy baby, but you never know, right? And I love some Dr. Sears.)
- a set of 3 John Lewis long-sleeved onesies for £1.50
- a mobile for £2.60
- Baby swim seat that retails for £7.40 for £2

...and a few other things. We spent £20 the whole day and then found a £5 on the floor on the way out! I don't feel so guilty spending money on Baby Gap clothes when I get so many good deals like these.

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