Sunday, 19 September 2010

Car Booty and Green Glass finds

A few weeks ago we found out about a MASSIVE car boot sale that happens every Sunday on the road behind us. I have no idea how we have lived here for 2 years and NOT known about this. So we go to check it out and find all sorts of treasures. We bought a stuffed dragon for Oscar, some books for Griff, some books for Oscar, a funky 70's canister for my kitchen, 3 Harry Potter dvds that I needed to replace and a Patsy Cline cd. And of course I had my eye out for some new pieces for my green glass collection. I think the whole morning we didn't spend more than £20 and had bags full.

I found these 2 pieces individually and spent £2 for the decanter and £1 for the salt container. I love them both so much and are great additions for my collection. It's about time to find another shelf to continue on to.

And while I've never thought I would expand the collection to blue glass as well, I found this beautiful little vase for £2 and wanted it. I can't wait to put some gerber daisies in it!


Sareta said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I love the glass- I need to get rid of some stuff, so if you ever fancy a clear out yourself, We can double up and get rid o some crap! Hells yeah! x

Ashley said...

that just might be a fantastic idea! I feel like I am constantly re-arranging crap to make room for my other crap. You know the trash lady in Labyrinth? You know the one with all the stuff on her back? ME.