Monday, 30 August 2010

Oscar at 3 Months

I say it all the time, but I can honestly not believe how quickly the time is passing. I know everyone says it happens, but then all of a sudden it's 3 months from the day your baby is born and it's just disbelief.

3 months ago I was meeting my son. It's almost 9 pm here, and it was around this time that we were being settled into a bay to recover and I was having him put on me for the first time and was completely overwhelmed by the sheer perfection of him. It's true that the love you have for your child is so strong and so immediate, there is nothing like it. They don't have to grow on you. Yes, in the coming weeks there's definitely a "getting to know you" vibe going on, but you LOVE them.

So at 3 months, Oscar has laughed out loud for us twice. He smiles ALL the time and acts like he's laughing, but no sound actually escapes. Sometimes he sucks his breath inwards and it's like a froggy laughing.

He's not rolling over yet, but he's definitely trying. He's discovered his hands and arms and concentrates very hard to make them do specific things. He LOVES to be read to, which absolutely warms my heart. I was originally skeptical of reading to him this young but now, I am so glad we started!* He prefers being in the Moby to the stroller and sometimes has a hard time on long car journeys, but can sometimes be pacified by holding Mommy's hand. Bath time is always a winner. He splashes and grins and loves all the goofy songs that I feel compelled to make up at bath time.

I'm becoming paranoid about the things we watch in front of him now too. I really don't want his first memories to be some snippet from True Blood or Dexter...although it is freakin' adorable watching him dance around to the True Blood theme tune.

I do believe we are starting a bit of teething as well. We have massive amounts of drool and bubbles and gnawing on the hands and burp clothes. I even see a bit of nobbley white under the gum. I want to find a teething toy for him, but I'm having a hard time finding one that says it's BPA-free.

And that's Oscar at 3 months. I would say....awesome.

*While typing this Oscar is currently in the Moby being read Isaac Asimov's Essays on Science. Griff is such a cute daddy!


Lianne said...

I love that he's having Asimov read to him. <3 Asimov!!!

E. said...

Well, this made me cry.

That picture is so sweet!