Thursday, 26 August 2010

Movies Watched Lately.

So I've FINALLY been able to take advantage of my LoveFilm membership by watching a movie while breast-feeding during the week. It's been awesome. I get to watch new things and feel nostalgic for school. I miss talking about movies and watching new things. Plus, I get so excited whenever I get a new film. It's like a little mini-Christmas surprise. Score. So here's what we've watched lately:

Revolutionary Road- I was so excited about seeing this. I love Kate. I love Leo. It looked like it would be a beautiful (literally) movie to watch. I was surprised to find out that I was utterly bored by it. It's that same comment made a 1000x over about how horrible suburban life is, especially for the stay at home wife/mother, who has always yearned for something more but couldn't have because of what society expected of her. *YAWN*. I get it, I really do. But I also feel like it's been done and the story I was just...boring. Ironically tho, the performances from Kate and Leo were still amazing.

The Wrestler- I'm a wrestling fan. It's not cool, but there you have it. I loved this movie. It moves with such an honestly about it, that you sometimes feel like you are watching a documentary rather than a fictional story. It's a role that Mickey Rourke's face was made for. I honestly had tears welling up at the end. I am curious tho if non-wrestling fans enjoyed it as much?

The Warriors- You know when you get to a party late, and you're a little worried that it's passed you by but then surprisingly you have a fantastic time? Yeah, that's how I felt when I watched The Warriors. It's so cult and has so much built up around it, I was afraid I might not get it and it would have passed me by. But I LOVED IT. It's fantastic and I will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection. Go watch it.

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