Friday, 2 April 2010

New Floors--- THE BEFORE

When Griff and I started our house hunt, we always had hardwood floors on the top of "The List". So when we found the house we now call home, we loved the floors. It quickly became apparent that the job that was originally done on these floors was a pretty piss poor job. I know hardwoods are a lot of work and need a little extra TLC, but things were getting ridiculous. We have been here almost 2 years now and I felt like I was pulling splinters out of my feet constantly. While I know our baby won't care about a lot of home renovations, I knew the floors HAD to be done. Because as quickly as Bumble will be here, I know we'll be turning around and have a baby crawling and learning to walk. I want to minimize the splinter situation if possible. So here are some photos of our floors before they were done. Extremely discolored, many boards were ruined by a shoddy plumber who had done some work for us before we moved in, a fair few split boards and just ugly damage. Yuck.


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