Thursday, 21 January 2010

Contemplating the insane?

  Well boys and girls (but I'm assuming girls), I have become increasingly irritated  at the lack of variety of quilts for baby cribs here in the UK. I found a LOVELY bedding set on the Target website, but was frustrated to find the 4x5 inch discrepancy between US and UK cribs. 

There is just NOT a lot of selection here, especially if you are not finding out the sex of the baby (which we're not). The only thing I have found are a boring boring creme, with boring boring cartoon characters on them. Not my cup of tea at all. I want vibrant fun colors!

Here is where insanity has kicked in....

...I think I'm going to make my own quilt. 

Bear in mind I have extremely limited sewing skills, but I do have a sewing machine and I do have a book and most importantly, determination that my baby will have something beautiful and colorful and fun. So if anything, this blog might get mildly interesting as my baby quilting exploits begin. Today was my last day of volunteering, so I'm officially on housewife-mode till baby comes this May. Might as well get a good project done!!! Let's see what happens!!!

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Lauren H. Buczkowski said...

Ashley you can completely do it! I learned to sew while making the bedding for my boys. I did a quilt, bumper pads, curtains, pillows and have gone on to make curtains, a bed skirt etc for other rooms in our house. You can completely do it. It will also become something special that you made for your little one.