Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A List of B's

  1. Barack Obama- My President, who gives me hope that change can happen to my broken country. 
  2. The Beatles- My favorite band. John is my favorite Beatle
  3. Breakfast- best meal of the day. I love a few scrambled eggs, a toasted bagel with apple butter spread and a cup of tea followed up with some juice (apple or o.j. either are tasty)
  4. Batman- the best super hero EVER.
  5. Bette Davis- my Icon. I love her style, her films, her bitchiness. The woman was amazing.
  6. Boston- A city I want to go to.
  7. Bono- my arch-nemesis. In the end of days, we will do battle and I will strangle him with his own Joshua Tree. 
  8. Banjos- make me tap tap tap my foot
  9. BUST- is my favorite magazine
  10. Brown- makes me feel smart, so I like wearing it to school
  11. Books- are both my savior and my vice. I can never turn them away.
  12. Bed- is my favorite place to be.
  13. Blue- makes me sad. So i can never wear it.
  14. Ballroom Dancing- is on my list of things to-do one day
  15. Biscuits and Gravy - i miss them very much!
  16. Blog- is something I need to get better at, because I do actually enjoy doing it 
  17. Bride-to-be-that's me!
  18. Basements- I want to have one, one day, and turn it into a movie room and make it dark and cozy with lots of  horror film posters on the walls. 
  19. Banks- they hold my money hostage!!
  20. Bacon- it is apparently one thing that can break a vegetarian. 

1 comment:

Wendy Marie said...

HAHA at Bono! 8)
& we shall eat biscuits and gravy while you're home. :)

as for the profile... lady I just used bloggers pre-made layouts. ;X