Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I love Christmas. I know it is not the most popular sentiment. Most people seem to now take as much pleasure in reviling the holiday, than there are people celebrating. But I can honestly not think of an aspect that I don't enjoy.
I love the lights, the tacky ornaments, paper chains and crowds out shopping. And I loved them even when I was working in clothing and running crazy trying to keep all those spenders happy. I love picking out that perfect present, and how their face lights up when you've gotten it right. 
Christmas just makes me feel good, overall. Life seems a little bit more pleasant. I have an excuse to bake tons of unhealthy snacks. It's okay to spend more money than I actually have on people I love. I can watch George C. Scott in A Christmas Carol as much times as I want and listen to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You", without shame or remorse. 
I feel sorry for people who can't find some way to enjoy the season. That can't take pleasure in wrapping presents, baking cookies and decorating the tree (o the tree, how you fill my home with that fantastic smell...). 
I'm sleepy now. Tonight I watched Scrooged, next to my lit tree, knitting a sweater for Griff. That was heaven for me, that little moment in time. And my weekend was more of the same. As hectic as the holidays are, life slows down and I enjoy all the sentimentality a bit more. 
Tomorrow I have to pick a few last things before we pack up to fly home. I will stand in a queue that is far too long to mail Christmas cards to people I could hand deliver them too, and I will probably be listening to carols on my iPod, whilst wearing that same miserable expression that everyone in post offices usually wear. But I will love every second of it and go home completely content and wrap presents.
Enjoy the holidays. That's my Christmas Wish for you. 

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