Friday, 8 August 2014

Lazy Blogger

Well. Not really. Griff has 3 more weeks of school and after that we can start sharing evenings. With it getting down to the finish line our evenings are usually me holding the baby while he does homework. Yes yes, I'm sure I could put her down, but I know if I hold her she won't wake up. So we just watch tv. So no knitting, no projects, no blogging. I do get an occasional evening, but I've been trying to knit (yeah that cowl I was going to finish by the end of Game of Thrones? Didn't happen.)

So when I get back I want to blog about projects, and Oz's birthday party, and experiments with MY NEW CAMERA. Griff got it for me for Mother's Day and I was absolutely shocked, but  I haven't had a moment to learn how to use it and all the cool things it can do. So here's a sampling of Tilda eating some nectarines.

The quality is so much better than my other camera, that honestly, was a great camera but just old. So imagine how great it will be when I actually learn how to use it!


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Christie said...

The pictures are great...but honestly, how could they be bad when they are of that little sprite!?

Anonymous said...

Gah! She is just perfect!