Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Good golly miss molly. I haven't been posting lately because it's just been insanely busy. A lot of time went into running around getting things together for Oz's 2nd birthday (which I will try and post about soon enough).

Secondly, we have been hunting both a car for Griff--I am amazed we made it a whole year as a 1 car family! god, how i miss public transport!--and we having been apartment hunting. Wow have prices gone up in Greenville. I'm sometimes shocked at what people pay to rent an apartment. But you can't find listings for home for rent and we haven't really had the time to just ride around areas hoping to find a FOR RENT sign.

I thought we had found a place, but then I found an apartment reviews website and it just sounds like everyone in apartments hate being in the them and all of them are terrible places and don't live in any of them. *SIGHS*. I thought we had made a choice, but now I feel like we are back to square one. I thought looking further out like Simpsonville and Mauldin would be cheaper options, but surprisingly, they are just as expensive as Greenville. I would try Greer and/or Taylors, but to be honest, we really need to be close to the highway.

If someone wants to point me in a magical direction, I would be much obliged....

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Crank said...

I'm behind on my blog reading. Have you tried searching for houses on There's a house/condo rental search feature. Hope this helps!!!