Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Look to the Future

I've started and deleted this entry a few times. I'm homesick. For England.


That doesn't make sense. I wasn't really expecting it to fall on us this hard, but Christmas has always been a *HUGE* deal for us. We go completely overboard on the decorations, the food, the presents. We always talked about how big and tacky they do it in the States and we always looked forward to the day when we'd be here with our kids at Christmas. So why does it feel so weird this year?

Well, we're not settled. All of our decorations are still packed and we just don't have our "home" yet. It's lovely to be surrounded by family, but I guess for nest-ers, it's difficult to be out of one's nest.

I looked this song up on YouTube tonight because in the UK they play it nonstop this time of year and I miss it. So here it is, Merry Christmas.


lifeversiontwo said...

:-( Think about how EPIC next year will be. When you can start decorating in July!

Moving is such a mixed bag. Lots of good, lots of change, surprise sadness. <3

Ashley said...

It *is* a mixed bag. And I usually enjoy surprises, just not so much this one! We'll figure it out. :)