Sunday, 2 October 2011

The 'Other' Big Apple **

This is one of those things about the Road we were really looking forward to and always enjoy. Bizzare roadside attractions. We had been driving for a fair few hours and Griff needed us to switch. I spend most of my time in the car knitting, so I'm always happy to switch with Griff when he needs a break. Just as we were coming up to an exit, we spotted the apple. It's like the Peach, but an Apple, and less butt-like.

But it's wasn't just an Apple. It was an Apple Pie store. We had fun going up the big apple, and we did eat a not so great but completely edible lunch. I didn't buy an Apple pie, but Apple dumplings (which weren't that great, I should have gone with the pie. My bad.).

The Apple was great.

...O and I should probably mention that the Apple was in Canada.

**New addition to the blog! You may notice below, that Griff is going to start commenting and adding his own little notes here and there. So enjoy!

I actually loved the food, it was basically a cheeseburger covered in BRown Gravy and a precurser to the canadian specialty of Poutine which I loved.

Family on top of the Apple

In case you didn't notice, it's a big fucking apple.

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