Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Stickers For Fitness- April

Not a lot of stickers for April I'm afraid. The week of the 4th I was just fucking lazy. Couldn't find the effort to go to Curves and that was my bad. On the 19th we went to the park and Oz came down with heat exhaustion. I felt horrible and he ended up getting sick so nothing happened that week. The next week I was sick. So yeah... April sucked, but I still got some in there so that's better than nothing!


Anonymous said...

I like the stars idea. I have some in a box somewhere, unless I threw them away, and think i might borrow this idea. It's nice to have a visual.

Also, SOME is better than NONE.

Christie said...

When I was doing my 40-day yoga challenge we had a sticker board at the studio. I really missed my daily sticker once the challenge was over so I went and got some and we have a "Yoga" calendar now, that we give our selves stickers on the days we go. It is amazing how motivating a shiny pit of sticky plastic can be : )
Keep at it Lady!

Stephie C said...

You are doing better than me with the exercise girl keep it up!

Ashley said...

if anything the stickers won't let me LIE. You either earn the sticker or you don't. :o)