Friday, 6 November 2009

Secret Keepers

I've been a horrible blogger as of late, mostly because I have been keeping the biggest secret in the world!!! Well, sort of keeping it. The closest of friends knew, and family knew, but general public was kept in the dark while our little Bumble has been growing. Which means, I haven't wanted to blog about anything else because a majority of all thoughts and feelings have centered around how this pregnancy has made me feel and the excitement that's been building as baby has been growing. 

Even my knitting has been affected (effected? day I'll learn to differentiate between the two of those....). I was working on a jumper for myself, but I can't find the energy to finish it. Intarsia knitting is difficult and time consuming and requires a lot of concentration. But I only have one more sleeve to go and then I'll have my first finished knitted jumper! I did start on a blanket for Bumble the other evening tho, so hopefully that will help me get my knitting groove back. 

There's lots of nausea, a little sickness and waning tiredness, but my life is so so good. Here's a pic of Bumble from our first scan. I'm afraid I can't rotate it, but if you tilt your head you should be able to make it all out fine and dandy. 

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Stephie C said...

I think of it as effect(or effects or effected) as in special effects ;) while affect is affection or how you can be affected ;) Hope that helps but you did have it right :)

Glad bumble is growing nicely :) YAY