Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Friday the 13th

It had to be done. Going to see Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th was a treat that I could not resist. 

From the initial get-go I was skeptical of the new installment in an otherwise stale franchise. Don't get me wrong, I love Fridays 1-7 (in particular I love Part 4: the Final Chapter with Crispin Glover AND little Cory Feldman. It's just too good to be true), but I drew the line and hated Jason Takes Manhattan, or as I call it, Jason Rides a Boat. I couldn't finish Jason Goes to Hell and flat out refused to watch Jason X (in space, really?). And when they announced a new Friday the 13th they said it was going to be a remake. A REMAKE!?!?!

So I hated it from the start. There is nothing wrong with the original, in fact, I find the original to be very right indeed. But as they started releasing info, and then actually a picture of the new Jason, it dawned on me that it can't be a remake. (SPOILER): Mrs. Vorhees was the killer!!! Jason doesn't arrive till part 2! Needless to say, I become more excited about the impending arrival of the new Friday. AND I was ecstatic when they released that they would be playing it on Friday the 13th. Marketing scams like this I willingly oblige to play into. It adds to the fun (see also, the remake of the Omen that was released on 6-6-06. Brilliant! Rob Zombie made a MAJOR error in not pushing for Halloween's release to be on, what?, HALLOWEEN. Marketing and audience would have been done, finished, finito.). 

Opening night and a full house. One of my favorites. And then the movie started and the disappointment can over me in waves. First, the premise that this group of kids are hiking through the woods looking for a crop of weed was stupid. AND the fact that it was so close to Camp Crystal Lake, also stupid. As Griff pondered, how did all that weed get cultivated with Jason running around so close by?

I continued to feel disappointed until it suddenly dawned on me. Once again, THIS IS NOT A REMAKE, thus it's a-okay to enjoy. And then 2, IT'S JASON. So once I had this little shout out with my brain I allowed myself to enjoy. It was also the first Friday movie I had seen in a cinema. So I took a chill pill and enjoyed.

When I decided to that, there were a couple pleasant surprises. For example, there was a lot of little "in" jokes and references to those who have seen all the other Fridays. And all the annoying people died, and who doesn't love that?

But even when I resigned myself to the fact that it was good for a Friday the 13th movie, I have a few issues. First of all, it was annoying how big and loud Jason was, but he was incredibly quiet when it came to appearing behind someone. Also, how the hell did he get on top of the house so quickly?

My biggest problem though, is a personal one. Because you see, I hate fake boobs and more than that I hate pornographic sex (and all that that implies). In the 1980s, you saw a lot of films that jokingly address teen sex and how awkward and funny it was. Now though, all the girls have fake boobs, and people behave like they are starring in a porno. I miss funny awkward sex of the 80s and I wish it would come back. 

So that's my little commentary on Friday the 13th. It had to be done....

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