Sunday, 11 January 2009

Our Little Vegas Wedding....

On the 21 of December 2008, Griff gave me the incredible honor of being his wife. We planned the trip to Vegas in August, around the time we were wrapping things up with buying our home. I was becoming increasingly annoyed and uncomfortable about planning a wedding. I wanted it to be very reflective of our personalities, very comfortable and laid back. But nothing about a wedding, reflected that for me. Even the neat little quirky ideas quickly became stale. So we asked parents if they would be offended, received very enthusiastic responses, and began planning our perfect Vegas wedding.

We found the chapel first. Little Church of the West is the only original structure on the strip, that reflects that old time Vegas feel. It is officially land-marked, and can not be torn down. That really appealed to both of us, and it's such an adorable structure. As soon as Griff saw it, he knew we were making the right choice.

And as long as I have wanted to go to Vegas, I've known I had to stay at the Flamingo Hotel. I adore flamingos, they are beautiful, they're birds, they're pink. And my mother collects them too, so it's also a symbol for me. And the Flamingo was the first casino hotel on the strip, although the original structure has been torn down, and what's presently there is new(er). But it's bright and beautiful and I loved staying there. Can not wait to go back. 

When we arrived on the 20th, I was sick and severely jet-lagged. I wanted to rest, but there was no time since we needed to get down to the court house to get our marriage license. When we were close to the court, we were approached no less that 3 times by men with leaflets offering their chapels for us to get married in. Only in Vegas.

Now, I had read, that on Friday and Saturday nights to expect huge queues at the courthouse, since a lot of people get married on the weekend. There was 2 other couples there. So I felt bad for rushing down there, but we got the paperwork filled out and then headed into Downtown Vegas...

....which was Amazing!!!! I wish I hadn't been so tired, so I could have taken it all in. We even ate at Tony Roma's. Not cool!!!! But I was starving and just need to eat something, anything. And once the food came, I started to fall asleep. So needless to say, it was not the picture perfect evening I had hoped for. I was exhausted. But I have made a mental note, next time I want to go to the Griffin. It just looked like a place to be.

I feel asleep that night watching the Wizard of Oz.

The next morning I was up by 8. What happened to sleeping in? I woke up feeling worse, which I didn't think was possible. We ordered room service for breakfast, and I drank a load of hot water with lemon and honey (amazing for the throat). We then headed out to have a little sight seeing and gambling.

I got tired quickly walking around, so we went to the casino. GAMBLING IS BORING. The most I was up was like, $40, but the appeal of punching buttons over and over quickly faded. We had lunch in the hotel, and played Keno. Now, I love Keno. Picking numbers and seeing if they come up, I don't know why...that I was hooked on. Made me think that maybe when I'm a wrinkley old woman I will spend my holidays in the Flamingo playing Keno. 

We then went to the salon to get our hair done. Griff had his facial hair trimmed up, his hair pretty-fied, and then went to the lobby to have his boots shined. My hair took a little longer. And Griff did NOT like the finished product. So I had to embarrassingly go back and ask them to fix it. And he did like it after I'd gone back. But I was so embarrassed about telling her to do it again! But O well....

Once hair was done, we still had a bit of time to kill. We laid in our room and watched "The Break-Up" on tv. Probably not the most appropriate thing to watch, but it was the only thing on. Griff decided he wants to look at his suit and discovers that he's left his shirt back home. We had to go to the hotel lobby and buy him a shirt, a fantastic unexpected expense. It was one of those terrible "non-wrinkle" deals. I hate them, the fabric is so thick looking. And he couldn't wear his cufflinks, which were Batman, so he was pretty bummed about that. 

So we get ready; I changed into my dress in the bathroom. I was so nervous about him seeing it. Now before I had even decided I wanted it to be my wedding dress, I had pointed it out to him in Monsoon and he had liked it. So I knew he wouldn't hate it, but you're a bride, you worry. But his face just beamed and it was a special moment.

And it was a small moment, but it was ours. And it was alone and private. And I guess that's what I wanted more than anything by going to Vegas. Our emotions, personally and as a couple, weren't on display to be oo'd and ah'd by family and friends. Griff and I are pretty private, so it being a private affair suited us.

The ceremony was a breeze. We forgot our wedding music, so I walked down to "hear comes the bride". never in a million years would I have seen that coming. But it was a short aisle. I was down there in like 5 strides. And I was so excited to get married that it didn't matter. 

I wish I had been a little more specific about the vows though. I had initially just wanted whatever needed to said to marry us. Well, there was a bit too much emphasis about "one man and one woman" than we would have liked. It was the only regret, really. 

And then the kiss! The kiss was so funny. We had agreed, nothing too sloppy, but as soon as our lips met, Griff's hand when straight to my ass. I was shocked (and very glad that no one was there, but it was caught on video!!!)!!!! But it's cute and we'll laugh about it for ages. He didn't do it on purpose, totally instinctive. What can i say? The man loves my booty. 

Then back to the hotel room! We had room service sent up and then ate cake and had champagne. It was a perfect evening. Later we went out for photos, but that was just what it was. I wanted us to have photos we could treasure, even if it was just the 2 of us. I think we will always laugh at "Look at me" "now look at each other" "Now kiss". That's all we heard while doing photos. It's become a bit of an in-joke.

I think the people that really know us, understand why we did it this way. I know I'll never regret it. We aren't wedding people (don't get me wrong---I love going to a good wedding.), but I couldn't wait to be his wife. I have been in heart for so long, I was ready for it be legal. And now I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. 

"For you wake one day,
Look around and say:
Somebody wonderful married me."
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