Friday, 27 July 2007

Why am I Doing this?


1. It's apparently something that a lot of people do. I usually don't care about this kinda stuff (lie), but I don't read other people's blogs and maybe if I have my own blog, I'll start caring about other people's. Why does this matter? I suppose it doesn't, but it gives me something to do, doesn't it?

2. I'm kinda bored today. I'm running short of lists to write and I need a break between working my CV and reading and half-watching/listening to the news.

3. I'm just curious how this will go.

Is anything happening at the moment? Well I was just watching the news and apparently some reports been released about astronauts and whether or not it's okay for drunkards to be flying spaceships. Personally, I think that for how much money the whole space project(s) cost, those guys should be stone cold sober as soon as they look at an aircraft....but hey, maybe I'm old fashioned (maybe not....). But the guy on the news that was being interviewed was absolutely hilarious. He was so defensive and just refusing to answer questions. Eventually it looked like the news anchor was just trying not to laugh at how ridiculous this guy was (albeit, the guy was from Texas so that kinda goes without saying....).

Let's see what else????

I got my grades back from my first year, all A's and B's for me. I know some people think film studies isn't really a course, but it's a LOT of writing and interpretation and so I think it's a real course and that's all that matters to me. I worked hard and earned good grades so I'm happy for myself. I haven't had these kind of grades in years....

Tomorrow Griff and I are hitting the streets and going on a job hunt. I PRAY PRAY PRAY I find something in either a) a bookstore or b) a bookstore. I have no interest in working in clothes anymore. Or getting a job through the student's union would be nice.

Did this first blog go ok? Yeah maybe....I have a blog on Myspace, but I don't really like it that much. I mainly just like to post videos and songs lyrics or poetry up (not mine, others). In addition too I'm probably the only 24 (almost 25) year old to still keep a journal also. So in addition to my private writing I'll be doing this "public" writing. Maybe this will be a good space to write about books and movies as I come across them. Lord knows I need to write as much as can to work my arguments into being a little bit clearer. It's so much easier to talk about why I like or dislike something. It's much harder to put those arguments into writing. How does that quote go?

"The role a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say." ~Anais Nin

So yeah...maybe that's how I'll utilize this new little blog. We're going to be watching Camelot tonight, so maybe tomorrow I'll have something to write about.

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